(Question).What is supplied? 

(Answer). Along with a highly qualified instructor, we will supply (upon request):

> Wetsuit.

> Buoyancy aid.

> Cagoule.

> Helmet.

> Whistle.

> Craft (Kayak/Paddleboard/Canoe & Paddle)

> Head torch (Night paddling).

> Strobe beacon (Night paddling).

> Tent (Expedition).

> Sleeping bag (Expedition).

> Cooking equipment (Expedition).

(Question). What to bring? 

(Answer). We recommend bringing the following items:

> Towel.

> Spare shoes/shoes **that are okay to get wet**

> Something to wear underneath a wetsuit (Recommended: swimsuit/swim-shorts/sporty clothing).

> Spare clothing

> Human fuel (snacks, drinks).

> Any medication (if required).

& of course a sense of ADVENTURE! 

(Question). Are there any age restrictions? 

(Answer). As long as those wishing to participate can fit into the appropriate safety equipment, then they're more than welcome to join the adventure! 

We've had children as young as 3 years venturing with us.

(Question). Are there any changing facilities? 

(Answer). YES! We have individual changing tents and changing robes available for you to use.

(Question). How to book? 

(Answer). To book your adventure, please do not hesitate to get in touch via: 

> Email

> Phone

> Social media

> Carrier pigeon/raven 

More information can be found on our "contact us" section of this website.

We tailor each adventure to your choosing... whether it's a few hours jumping from Kayaks to Paddleboards or a Full Day venture on the sea, river or hills! Get in touch and let us know what you would like to do!

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Please note:

Those under 18yrs of age must either have a Parent or Guardian present on the water or viewing from the shore/sideline within earshot throughout.

All our activities are weather permitting and our locations are subject to change/reschedule if deemed unsafe - Prior notice will be given. 

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